Honda: GRRRR!

  • by Mark
  • 11 years ago

The summer of 2004 was a fun one– a great Glastonbury (I think the one where I passed out in a circus tent, while a circus was in full performance!); Steve Brown, Matt Tinsley, Mike Pope and I cycled coast to coast, Workington to Sunderland on the C2C trail, and I animated on my first project at Nexus, the Smith & Foulkes directed Honda: GRRRR!. I remember the day my task was to make the bunnies and rainbows angrier looking, and thinking how life isn’t so bad. My animation includes all hummingbirds, and pretty much everything between the flamingoes revealing the diesel engine up to (but not including) the ladybug/bird dancing in the engine. I also always have to point out that I animated the frog jumping OFF but not ON to the engine (that was Dom Griffiths). Like I said, a great project that really had an impact when it was released the following autumn.