RKC St. Barnabas Church Show

  • by Mark
  • 10 years ago

Monday June 7, 2010: this was the second (and, I guess, third) show that I played with RKC– the first was small selection of folks, and the second was a larger audience that filled the lovely space. The venue was St. Barnabas Church in Soho, tucked behind the Borderline near Foyle’s bookshop on Charing Cross Road. I think it’s a bit of a private club more than a church, but the setting was one to remember, and the sound was great, considering we played semi-acoustically. The lineup was a five piece– Jo on drums, Sam F. on guitar and Rachel on sax/clarinet. I think we played pretty well under the circumstances, and the show was a stark contrast in all forms of quality to our first show on the previous Saturday at a fairly soulless multiplex style shopping mall bar in Hemel Hemstead.

Here’s the YouTube evidence… in some of the videos you can even make me out in the background there!

Brass Winter

(from a different angle)

Backseat Living

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

I Killed You

(angle two)

(angle three!)

Shut Your Mouth

(lo-fi version)

Backseat Living

Inner Love, Outer Space

(view 2.0)

Subtleties of Love

More Lo-fi…

One Born Every Minute